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We are delighted by your visit.

Since its founding in 1913, the Harvard Woman’s Club has provided women with opportunities for community service, social gatherings, as well as offering a variety of activities through special interest groups. The Club promotes philanthropic activities to benefit selected charities, community improvement projects and educational scholarships.

Our website of course reflects our interests, our activities and our accomplishments. We hope that you will browse its several pages and moreover, we hope that you will find some areas of interest.

Finally, our mission and our programs are always a challenge for our numbers. There are so many opportunities to help the community around us as well as opportunities to enjoy each others company. Please consider joining our ranks. In so doing, we will accomplish more than we ever could, individually. Visit our JOIN page where we discuss membership.



Support the Woman’s Club website and help keep it active. SUBSCRIBE to the website to keep up on the latest postings and new articles. Follow the instructions in the right side-bar to SUBSCRIBE.


  • The PROGRAM page presents our monthly listing of meetings and programs;
  • Learn about our work in our SERVICE and SCHOLARSHIP pages;
  • The PHOTO OP page captures and photographs our events and activities;
  • Our BLOG is our social network. We note the important HWC events coming up and the news;
  • We are always eager to invite new members.  Visit the JOIN page.
  • Use our CONTACT page to leave us a message, comment or question.

A few notes for our members…

  • KEEP YOUR WEBSITE ALIVE AND EXCITING!   An appeal to the HWC leadership and committee chairs: Use your website to communicate to your membership! Your blog is your tool to exchange ideas on a current activity, your travel or current events. Scribble your ideas or message in our “LEAVE A REPLY” entry area below and we will take it from there!

4 thoughts on “Front Page

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It is good to be able to see where we have been and what we have done. Thanks to all those who photographed and who wrote the short reports on those important events. We encourage the committee heads and leadership to use our website to report on the Club’s activities. Just send me your write-ups and photos via e-mail and we’ll take it from there.


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